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In this engaging book, Judi writes about an amazing year she and her minister husband spent in an isolated Alaskan fishing village -- a move he felt called to make and she never saw coming. With humor and honesty, Judi shares important lessons learned and navigational points discovered that help us keep our bearings, even through life's most battering storms and unexpected turns.
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In a world where the stakes are high, the influences many, and entertainment costly, it's more crucial than ever for grandparents to understand the important role they play in their grandchildren's lives. Judi Braddy equips us with ideas, insight, wisdom and encouragement that teach how to put down spiritual stakes and leave an eternal legacy.
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If you are in ministry and your child has strayed from faith, you are not alone. Judi Braddy and her husband know the pain firsthand. In this debut book, she uses their story and others' to offer encouragement, hope and practical perspectives on ways our life, family, and--yes--even ministry can be enriched by staying the course and applying the lessons.
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Do you feel as if life is overtaking you? Is there no real rest for the weary? In this book, Judi Braddy first explores the scriptural
 principles God used in establishing Sabbath rest, then offers practical insights for incorporating rest and spiritual reflection into everyday life. Rest was, after all, God's original idea.
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Life is a lot like laundry: it piles up quickly and can get really stinky. With insight, wit and clever comparisons this book--Judi's most popular to date--challenges women to bring balance back into every area of life and discover the differences between doing it all and becoming all God created them to be.
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Life is an inevitable cycle full of beginnings and endings. Adapted from a column once written for a national women's magazine, Judi Braddy shapes each story in this seasonal devotional around the hope and humor found in nature--human and otherwise. The desired result is to remind us that through every season, God is faithful.
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Book Signing

Judi's first book....

When called by God, rarely do we understand the depth of that calling. We simply follow the bread crumbs which comes in the form of our "heart's" desires.

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