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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

August 2018

WELCOME FRIENDS to my new website and first ever blog! Whether we are already well-acquainted or you just popped in to take a peek, I hope you will enjoy visiting and find it a place you’ll want to return. Those who know my bent for verbosity may wonder why it has taken me so long to begin a blog. Lots of reasons, really, not the least of which is the time it’s taken over the last few years to write, publish and promote six books while trying to keep pace with my ambitious husband’s demanding schedule. Who has any creative brain power left after that? Not to mention the fear of commitment. How often must one write a blog anyway? Every month…week…day? Yikes!

Then several things happened. A financial flux forced my long-time publisher to down-size, eliminating my genre and putting me in the position of finding new fields for my creative fodder. After employing every possible excuse to procrastinate, three years soon passed. By then my husband Jim had retired and we started traveling. Still in desperate need of a creative writing outlet, I began blowing up Face Book with updates. Finally I decided before they kicked me off for taking too much space, I’d better do something different. That’s when I realized my website was in dire need of a new face and format. So why not add a blog page? And, Voila! Good friends Tim and Ginger Holm with Mojo Video came into my online life and here we are.

As God would orchestrate things, all this has coincided with a year of amazing and unexpected ministry opportunities. To use an all-time favorite quote: “God works in mischievous ways His wonders to perform.” I can’t tell you how eager I am now to share the places, faces, insights, out-takes, and life lessons God has put in our path and laid on my heart—subjects into which I hope to weave both encouragement and inspiration. You’ll find the first of these, Coming Full Circle, by clicking on “Inspiration” in the menu above.

The bottom line is this: a blog doesn’t matter much if no one reads it. I truly hope you’ll sign up, visit often and invite your friends. I also look forward to receiving your responses—a much anticipated way for us to encourage each other. To make it more interesting and easy to navigate, the blogs will be written and archived under categories such as Thoughts, Travel, and Inspiration.

So. As my Missouri grandma might well have said, “Y’all come back real soon now.”



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