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I'm 70!

Today October 20th, 2018, marks my 70th year on planet earth. To celebrate I awoke early (not really on purpose, but time seems suddenly of the essence), put on my new pair of warm slippers, then lit every candle in the house. I have some heavy reflecting to do and it sets the mood. Passing other decades has never really bothered me but this one is a biggie. It could mean I’m getting old, which is underscored by a few aches and pains that were not present on this day last year.

So I started, as I do each morning, by reading the online scripture verse for today which “happened” to be John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Then I turned to today’s reading from the devotional “Jesus Calling” which said in part: “Though the process of aging continues, inwardly you grow stronger with the passing years. Those who live close to me develop an inner aliveness that makes them seem youthful in spite of their years. Let my Life shine through you, as you walk in the Light with me.”

Seems the Lord knows how much I love a theme.

And it was exactly what I needed to hear. If living 70 years has taught me anything it is that there can be some dark times in this old world. But as Christ believers we have the Light with us always to illuminate not only our own way but to shine a light for others. And that makes all the difference.

So this morning I am counting my birthday blessings, thankful for the time God has given me and the people, past and present, who have enriched it. For whatever time is left, my plan is to shine on.

Now I’m going to go color my hair.

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